In a display of overtly orientalist pieces drawing from a selection of Middle Eastern stereotyped influences, Zaid Farouki presented a striking womenswear collection.

The first piece presented drew on the theme of falconry and featured a geometric cage-like dress to which the designer then added a semi-transparent trench coat piece and proceeded to spray paint bronze shades to finish the look.

Zaid's use of traditional men's attire embellishments extended to the black head piece "eqal" being used as a belt and a reimagining of how modest dress can be manipulated to fuse with western hem lines.

One piece that stood out in the collection was the final look; a Bridal look that was enhanced by the veil crafted from gold netting to produce the fusion of menswear reinterpreted into women's that Zaid had sought to achieve throughout the presentation.

Images courtesy of Getty Images.

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