Haifa Fahad launched her brand in 2012. Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Haifa’s vision was to build a label encompassing the world of extremes women face. She named the label after herself; standing strong in independence, Haifa Fahad is an artistic depiction of contemporary womanhood. A number of dynamic definitions simultaneously detail feminine prowess, from ready-to-wear metallics, actual metal, and gritty layering, to fairly tale couture, silks, and evening elegance, Haifa Fahad isn’t afraid to highlight the power of femininity in all its stunning variety.

Haifa Fahad latest collection is unapologetically refined. With a limited color palette of whites and silver, the collection primarily focuses on blocks of white with detailed embellishments to enhance the pieces to another level.

The detail of this piece flowing over the hood and down the shoulders creates a unique abaya.


The embellishment on this piece is incredibly intricate yet kept to the collar and cuffs, leaving the piece as a whole to be simple and elegant.


This piece is strikingly elegant, gathered at the waist and otherwise sitting naturally over a feline frame, it’s fresh and light for a wintery look.


We spoke with Haifa to find out more about her latest collection:

What is the latest collection called?

How would you describe the collection?

Haifa Fahad dares you to recognize the very roots of your elegance. She sets the bar high by producing products that reach the levels of success that is innate in every individual.

Our APO-G Collection, with an edge of a Saudi twist is unlike any conventional designs. APO-G apparels feature the finest luxury crepe and silk fabrics embellished with exquisite metallic embroidery and sparkling clear crystals.

It promises to fulfill your desires and takes you to a place where solitude and loneliness are foreign to the vocabulary.

This cutting edge collection is a must for the modern woman. Haifa allows you to empower and express your rebellious yet chic persona with her wide range of colors.

“APO-G: Be bold and make Haifa Fahad your fashion statement.”

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

Our inspiration is that we wanted to celebrate and honor the achievement of successful Arab and international women around the globe. We wanted the concept of jewelry imbibed into our clothes, making APO-g what it is today. We translated the literal definition of APO-G (to reach the highest point ) in a metaphorical sense – to reach a really high point in my career

Which key materials are used in your AW collection?
Check collection description for the materials used

How have you used embellishments in this collection?
Hand made embroidery with 2 metallic threads and 7 different crystals

For more, visit www.haifafahad.com

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