Established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2010, Mariam Bin Mahfouz had the vision to build a brand that is all about the woman who wears it. She knows good design when she see it. She appreciates quality and has an eye for beauty. Haal Inc loves the play of soft and hard by mixing textiles and creating contrast. It’s wearable, easy, and effortless. Each garment is designed as a whole, as a look, and they consider this to be the Haal Inc lifestyle. Each woman who wears Haal Inc feels strong and empowered. Abayas to Mariam, are the superhero's cape and who can argue that women aren't the modern day superhero. Haal Inc believes every woman should experience wearing an abaya at least once. Embrace it and enjoy it.. It's a breathtakingly beautiful garment if worn with pride.
Several elements from his collection really caught my attention; firstly the blend of casual day pieces and abayas suitable for more formal occasions yet both styles allowing for distinct detail introduced from other types of garments. One being the ranch coat qualities of several pieces, another the practical introduction of pockets (an element I personally can’t live without, even in the most elegant of ball gowns).

I love the East meets West details of this piece, you really could hop on a plane in Saudi and land in Seattle without needing to change.


The play of fabrics in this piece really makes it stand out.


The collar on this piece really evokes details of a Thobe; a lovely masculine touch to an otherwise feminine collection.


Another strong piece from the collection, I love the blend of famine fabric with hard lines and organza layers.


We spoke to Mariam to find out what her inspiration was for Haal Inc’s Autumn/Winter 2016/17 collection:

What is the latest collection called?
008 Collection

What was the inspiration behind this collection?  
The collection is based on adding different garments in layers to create the interest between modernity and modesty. The collection was created with this in mind; women initially wore their abayas as an additional layer covering the head and it extended as far as the textile piece allows. showing the dress or clothing article she wore underneath. There is the traditional Mishlaah, the Arabic term of a garment that is cut in the shape of a rectangle with an opening in the front. It’s the oldest clothing article that is used by both men and women.

How would you describe the collection?  
The pieces are effortless and wearable, some look like coats with subtle details, lapels, scarves, and a layering vest worn under the abaya. Allowing the woman to create multiple looks by layering her abaya.

Which key materials are used in your AW collection?
Mainly cotton blend fabrics, taffeta, and organza. While black might be the dominant color in the 008 collection, the collection includes off-white, grey, powder blue, and black and white stripes.
How have you used embellishments in this collection?

We have collaborated with the Swarovski team to create a piece using Swarovski crystals. Beautiful marquise crystals scattered randomly along the abaya.

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