Google just launched their latest video-calling app, Duo. It is meant to challenge powerful video calling apps, such as Facetime, Skype, and Snapchat with its uncomplicated features.

Google oddly released the app in a stand-alone format, with its inability to connect to other instant messaging apps, focusing only on video features. It’s also a mobile-only service, unlike Facetime and Skype.

However, a unique feature Google included is ‘Knock Knock,’ a fairly new option that allows you to see a live video preview of the person calling you before you actually accept the call, it can be perceived as a calling-invitation. The ‘Knock Knock’ preview disappears after 30 seconds, disconnecting the call afterwards.

The question remains, though, if Google’s attempt to take over popular video calling apps will finally succeed with its new features, time will tell.

The App is available to download on both Android and iOS stores.

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