Sitting with Kuwait London Company’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mubarak Jaffar, makes it easy to understand how, at just 26, he’s established Kuwait’s leading delivery restaurants. His relaxed demeanor and clarity of vision have seen him launch four successful food delivery brands, however, many won’t know the brands I am about to speak of are under the same umbrella.


Yet The Kitchen, Junkyard, Humble Burgers, and Proper Sliders are now household names. Having hit 1,000 daily deliveries earlier this year, his family is most well known for having turned Talabat into Kuwait’s most successful company when earlier in 2015 it sold for a reported 170 Million Dollars.

Alongside his father, Chairman Nabil Jaffar, and brother Mohammed Jaffar, former CEO of Talabat and a KLC board member, Mubarak is applying the depth of knowledge and market experience earned from their previous venture, into their group holding. Having kept his head down for the last few years, as he focused on building his quadruplet of brands under the Kuwait London Company, Mubarak is ready to reveal how he’s built Kuwait London Company into four successful brands.


His vision was simple; create high-quality products using fresh ingredients and delivery directly to homes across the country. With Mohammed having set up with The Kitchen in 2009, with a menu of tasty, home-cooked continental food was a happy success. Despite Kuwait only having a small delivery market at the time, Mubarak had found a niche and was able to combine results from The Kitchen with knowledge from Talabat to launch Junkyard, American street food, in 2012 amidst the international street food craze at the time. The next two ventures followed in quick succession; Humble Burgers opened in 2014, followed by Proper Sliders in 2015.



Kuwait London Company now has 12 outlets across Kuwait and strives to lead in the home delivery market by local concepts. In this online series, we’ll discover more about these homegrown concepts, how KLC has been able to lead in deliveries, the team behind the brands, and why location is as important as quality.

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