Marie De La Roche is a Kuwait-based designer who showcases her Colombian style through structured yet colorful designs, creating a distinctive collection.

De La Roche’s striking new 2016 Fall/Winter collection, titled ‘The Sultan Garden’ is inspired from the days of Ottoman Monarchy, emphasizing on the empire’s fascinating architecture, such as grand domes, gates, and palatial windows.

A unique feature that personally appealed to me is the diverse selection of colors, demonstrated through De Le Roche’s interpretation of a grand ‘Sultan Garden.’ The pieces include intricate leather and laser cutouts; with strong, chic, and bold feminine statements. Powerful yet elegant pieces that are worth consideration to be included in your Fall/Winter accessory collection for an added edge of style.

Her latest collection will be available in Harvey Nichols, Kuwait, The K Store,, Takashimaya, Singapore, and Nass Boutique, Kuwait.

To find out more on the pieces, go on Mari De La Roche’s website.


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