Starbuck’s summer Smore’s Frappuccino has finally arrived in Kuwait! The Internet’s been buzzing about it, while we’ve been impatiently waiting. I personally tried it first in Cardiff back in May, and ever since then it has been my usual to-go Frappuccino in the UK. That's why when my colleague at work offered to grab us a couple of Smore’s Frapp, my hand was the first to shoot up, almost as fast as a bullet.

Now that we’ve slightly established the craze, let’s dive into its star ingredient; marshmallows. Starbucks makes it so ever appealing by applying the sweetly whirled and melted marshmallows at the bottom of the cup with chocolate sauce, swiftly blended with coffee, milk, and ice for a perfect cool summer Frapp, topped with joyful whipped cream and a graham cracker crumble to complete its journey of summer happiness.

Simply put, imagine yourself going through a bad day and then you hear Brint’s voice from Zoolander saying ‘you know what could really help you through these important issues?’ Yes, Starbuck’s Smore’s Frappuccino! End scene with a perfect Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

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