Adventurer. Pioneer. Entrepreneur. Father. Omar Samra is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, and ski to both the Geographic South and North Pole. With such an adventurous life, what more can he do?

Back in 2009, Samra left a promising corporate career in finance and decided to create Wild Guanabana, his award-winning travel company which helps reconnect people with nature through adventurous expeditions throughout the world. This journey connected him with his business partner, and his wife, Marwa Fayed.

Through time a realization struck, and Samra discovered that the expeditions he undertook would not be his greatest challenge. “I came to realise the answers to life’s most important question exists in the depths of loss, vulnerability and learning to let go,” he said.

In his latest TED talk Omar overcomes every fearful instinct to stand on stage and honour his family's story in its rawest form.

“My hope is that this talk will speak to peoples’ hearts and souls, and bring light to others during their darkest hour.”

Omar’s talk was given at a TEDx event in Bend, Oregon

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