Trapani, an Italian restaurant in Kuwait, has two passions: food and bringing people together. In order to share their passion for fun gatherings, good vibes, and mouthwatering food, Trapani is opening their doors to those willing to learn the basics of Italian cuisine and impress friends and family with authentic Italian meals made from scratch right in their own kitchens.

Trapani is collaborating with Khaleejesque to conduct a fun cooking workshop that will get people in touch with their hidden “Italian” roots. To elevate the eatery scene further and to stay on top with creative content, the event’s main highlight will be highlighted Italian seasonal dishes; Trapani wants to conduct this series of workshops to tackle the great Italian classic dishes, and what’s better than kick starting the fun with everyone’s favorite, The Classic Risotto? This workshop will mark the beginning of a series aimed at teaching participants the secrets of Italian cuisine with a fun seasonal twist. So mark your calendars, and join us on the first day we take “A Walk Down Italia Lane” on Monday, July 25th, 2016, from 5 PM – 7 PM at Trapani, Murooj, Kuwait.

Trapani is looking to establishing their restaurant as an authentic learning ground for mastering Italian dishes. These workshops will be announced periodically and we can already imagine how impressed your friends & family will be when you serve them a top of the line pasta made from scratch, cannelloni, or a simple mind-blowing Margherita pizza. Everyone’s welcome to register and participate in the workshop experience, simply call the Trapani team on 98879111.


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