After traveling back and forth between Cardiff, Wales, and Kuwait for the past three years, I’ve established a certain amount of aesthetic distance from home, yet my connection was never demolished.

A chance occurs now and then for me to leave my education for a couple of weeks and come back to Kuwait. Naturally, a form of distinction is created, and I’ve begun to perceive what surrounds me differently. The distinction is predominantly placed on the urban life that has been in constant change in both cities, perhaps not drastically changed, but it definitely does not pass unnoticed.

In Cardiff, I viewed the endurance of certain grounds and their materials through time; this comes from how much appreciation of heritage is showcased through the preservation of buildings in Wales. The infrastructures strike with an element of beauty that is significantly irresistible, including the old and the new. I found myself observing this urban-sensation in Cardiff, and began to contrast it with Kuwait.

Thus, this online series will explore various notions related to urban life in two completely different continents, along with opinions from experts and exciting new projects that are emerging around town.

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