So it's fair to say my boss was less than impressed when I excitedly skipped into her office and told her I'd downloaded Pokomon Go. Apparently being a manager and an editor in some way disqualifies me from being openly allowed to jump on the band wagon of joy. A band wagon that has probably been the biggest and quickest trend so far this year, if not this decade. The world and his wife, or perhaps hipsters that never grew up and geek-chic nerds, have downloaded the app. Nintendo's market worth sky rocketed and the world is suddenly enjoying a walk outside.



The U.K. version launched today and within minutes I downloaded the app… because you know it's actually my job to cover these things (or at least that's my defense). But, it was in the middle of the work day so with my feet suddenly itching to go for a walk I patiently waited until lunch hour. And I was off… Phone in hand guiding me through Kuwait City, I followed the route to Tatami, because clearly I needed food-fuel for this activity. My eyes were glued to the screen, either navigating my way round parked cars or furiously texting my Neighbour for instructions, and BAM! I found my first Pokemon.


A slight sense of smugness overcame me as it was my first go and clearly, I'm a master already. Ok, ok, you're thinking I should get off my high horse and I will, but I got a Growlithe. Which according to my Neighbour is a good start.


Back at the office and having devoured my lunch, I set about getting back to work. But the world of Pokemon Go is never far away now and I spent five minutes distracted on a very helpful buzzfeed article. Which nicely concluded this article on trying out Pokemon Go.

Gotta dash, real life to catch…

If you to want to lose all your friends and possibly get hit by a car, download the app using a UK or USA bank account on the app store or google play.

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