The red eggs, it’s all I can think about since trying the dish. On the menu its description makes it sound as tasty as any other item, “Poached eggs with Thai herbs in a spicy red blend,” yet this unique blend of creamy eggs with a lightly-heated, fragrant red sauce is one of the best dishes I’ve eaten this year. The blend of soft yolk eggs and red sauce slathered over toasted bread further heightened the experience; tastes, texture, and presentation all perfectly coming together.


Reading over the items, one can clearly see Thai elements infusing continental dishes to produce a breathtaking collection of light, fragrant dishes bursting with flavor. A brioche bun topped with pulled tenderloin beef and eggs dressed in a hollandaise sauce with a Thai twist was truly scrumptious and the triple Asian mushroom omelet doused in a tamarind sauce was deliciously memorable.

The fluffy Siamease scrambled eggs with light coconut sauce was a surprisingly delicate in flavor, and served up along side a lightly spiced, sweet and sour chicken roti wrap proved that the future of food is all about fusion.


Yet it is simplicity that struck me most about Ubon’s breakfast menu. The freshly baked breads were accompanied by a quadrat of homemade jams; a thick coconut curd, pineapple, mango, and lime. Each equally as unique and fresh as the other.


We finished off our breakfast with a selection of sweet dishes from the Delight menu; pancakes two ways and the most intriguingly named Bubble Waffles. The tropical pancakes topped with exotic fruits and berry compote were light, fluffy and a perfect accompaniment to the second flavor. Matcha custard over a pancake stack with a rich chocolate pouring sauce, well we couldn’t help but clear our plates of these in seconds. Finally it was onto the Bubble Waffles stuffed with ice-cream and fresh berries. A trend currently sweeping Asia, bubble waffles look a little like bubble wrap and taste a little like heaven. The sweetness of the waffle batter, crunchy on the outside and soft inside, paired with the bitterness of the berries and coolness of the ice-cream, all came together to create a beautiful dish.


But those eggs, those red eggs over crispy toast is engraved in my mind. Thankfully, I can go back for it anytime as Ubon’s breakfast menu is a permanent addition to their light and spacious Murouj location.

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