A specialized café that brews its own coffee with a magically secret ingredient plus an extra pump of love. I got you right? Are you wondering where is this café is located? Gosh, I want a TALL, DARK and handsome cup of coffee.

Boost Café is located in the heart of Industrial Shuwaikh in Kuwait, a location that's recently high on demand as savvy business owners discover great, cool shops; Industrial Shuwaikh is the 'it' new place that keeps growing.


What makes Boost so special? A hipster-energy vibe. Who remembers Beavis and Butthead? No? A flashback will hit you as soon as you walk-in as a vintage skateboard in the corner under a cool shelf filled with candy from the 90s, coffee props where you can help yourself – sugar, cup-sleeve, rainbow straws – name the shade, they got it.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in witty yet fun cups with quotes such as “EAT PRAY SIP” or “always on FLEEK” – my personal favorite.

Find out more on Boostcafe or visit their location
Specialty: Coffee and protein house  
Opening hours: 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm (closed Fridays)

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