Pooja Gupta, based in India, is an artist, but her work is not what you would immediately picture when you hear this word. Pooja illustrates educational and scientific drawings of animals; from the smallest microscopic organisms, to the biggest mammals known.


She focuses on incorporating as many details as possible – colors, textures, and patterns – while maintaining the realism of the art. She isolates the subject from its surroundings in order to bring attention to the intricate details of the animals. Pooja attempts to showcase her own fascination with animals through her artwork, by valuing the form, structure, and function of each. She aims to highlight features of the animals that would otherwise go unnoticed while also emphasizing ecological importance. She draws to get to know the subject better; the mysteries of the deep-sea and the unknown are what keep her engrossed in the creatures that lurk within.


Her drawings depict sea animals such as turtles, dolphins, and types of whales, as well as other land organisms. Pooja is actually a graduate of digital video production and a lot of her work involves filmmaking and specifically, documenting wildlife and conservation. She is also one of the founding partners of EARTH CoLab, an organization that integrates individuals, institutions, and ideologies to advance innovative approaches to learning and art production. They create a set of collaborative projects and services provided in the form of design, education, and training.

To see more of Pooja's work, visit her portfolio, Vimeo channel, and Instagram.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Pooja's filmmaking specifically documented marine life.

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