During the month a fasting it's important that when you do eat that you pack your body full of foods that will help and not hinder your body in staying strong. Adding additional protein to your diet is one way to nurture your body and I'm loving these alternatives provided by Purition.

I tried out three types of protein shakes by Purition. They came in pistachio; macadamia and vanilla; and chocolate flavors. In the spirit of Ramadan, I ignored the instructions to mix with milk or yoghurt and whipped up some protein Laban shakes for Suhoor. I figured this was better than trying them at Futoor when I'm so hungry anything would taste amazing. I started with the macadamia and vanilla. Macadamia nuts are one of my favorites and the chunky pieces created a thick and filling drink. I'd already checked out the ingredients and noticed the sweetener used is stevia, the naturally sweet leaf from the plant. I'm personally not a fan of stevia because of the aftertaste, however, a foodie recently tipped me off that if you add a little honey with stevia the taste will balance out, so I did just that and immediately noticed the difference.

I applied the same knowledge to the pistachio and chocolate flavors with great results. I must admit, that I can't remember ever having a protein shake in my life but I did enjoy these and was reassured about their quality as they're made in the UK using British whey and they're gluten free. The Purition protein shakes are made using real foods which means they're not too heavy, infact I had one the following day for Futoor; this is definitely a product I'd order again.

One suggestion we have is to mix these with three types of milk alternatives also available on Soil Store; almond, brown rice, and hazelnut.

Purition protein powders and the milk alternatives are available online through Soil Store.

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