When it comes to snacks we all love chips and our recent bundle of joy from Soil Store contained both sweet and savory kinds; Muncherie Kale Chips, Emily Fruit Crisps and Soil Store's very own Coconut Chips. The kale chips came in a red pepper and chili flavor, and a cheese and onion flavor; while Emily Fruit Crisps came in crunchy apple and pineapple, as well as, baked coconut chips in Original. The baked coconut chips are a Soil Store original product that was researched and developed by the founder. We reviewed the crisps in a taste test and these were our overall results:


Muncherie Kale Chips:

I started with the red pepper flavor, I'm actually not a huge fan of capsicums but I always make a point to try new things and these were certainly worth it. The slight sweetness of the pepper and perfect balance of the spice created a great flavor palette. I also liked that the kale felt heavier than other brands, perhaps because it's slowly dehydrated instead of being baked, yet surprisingly it withheld it's crunchiness. As I opened the second cheesy flavor I noticed three notes on the pack which highly impressed me; firstly all the kale is grown in the UAE, making this a regional product. Second, it's all organic and finally it's also vegan; the dairy cheese is replaced but a substitute. Now these points to one side… Even if they hadn't been organically, regionally produced and vegan, they were spectacular! A real winner and highly, highly recommended.


Emily Fruit Crisps:

I moved onto the fruit crisps, a brand I've seen many times yet never picked up as, quite frankly, I find most fruit chips to be chewy and not at all crispy. But I was in for another pleasant surprise; the crunch was right on point and even the sweetness was well balanced. My primary thought was of how great these would taste in our granola recipe!


Soil Store's own Coconut Chips:

I'm hit and miss with coconut, sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't, but after meeting the founder of Soil Store late in 2015 and hearing her story into producing a high quality coconut chip that isn't covered in preservatives I'd been dying to try them. So now I finally had my hands on them and they were exactly what I'd been looking forward to. Crunchy and slightly sweet, a deep coconut flavor ebbing through making this taste test an all round success.

Order the kale chips, Emily Fruit Crisps and Coconut chips through Soil Store's online site. 

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