Have you ever listened to popular hip-hop and R&B songs and thought to yourself, “I wonder, what would an Islamic version of this song sound like?” Well, probably not, but if you now are, then you need look no further for Deen Squad do just this on their YouTube channel. Deen Squad is a YouTube channel run by Jae Deen and Karter Zaher, who create “Islamic” parodies of popular hip-hop songs, as well as some original songs.

Their parodies include remixes of Classic Man by Jidenna – titled Muslim Man – and Trap Queen by Fetty Wap – titled Muslim Queen. In Trap Queen, part of the original lyrics say, “She my trap queen, let her hit the bando. We be countin' up, watch how far them bands go. We just set a goal, talkin' matchin' Lambos,” while in Deen Squad’s version the lyrics say, “Saw a righteous sister coming out the back door. Lowering my gaze hard to get my eyes off. You only look once that's the real YOLO.” Based in Canada, their aim is to empower, educate and inspire the youth through their music.

Check out their YouTube channel for more.

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