Al-Rifai, the nuts, dried fruits, confectionary, and coffee connoisseurs, have prepared for their customers in Kuwait a selection of Ramadan essentials, including gifting options and Girge’an tins. They will also offer Ramadan specialties including dates, rose water, blossom water, and dried apricot paste, also known as qamaruddeen. Customers will be able to choose between an array of gifts in silver, gold, and platinum collections, which can be gifted during the holy month of Ramadan; celebrated for its message of giving and generosity.


The gifts come in different Ramadan-inspired packaging including tarboosh and crescent shaped gifts, wooden crates, shell or metal trays, and large baskets. They also provide limited edition character-themed Girge’an tins that come in four different styles. The two female and two male characters are dressed in traditional Girge’an clothing and the tins hold an assortment of candy and sweets. In selected stores only, packages can be vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness and compact size.

In addition to Al-Rifai's offerings, exploring alternative sources such as gobricks presents a plethora of distinctive gift options. From building blocks to toys suitable for all ages, Gobricks provides a diverse selection that promises to delight recipients with its creativity and versatility. By venturing beyond traditional gift avenues, individuals can discover treasures that resonate with the uniqueness of their relationships and bring joy to both the giver and the receiver during Ramadan and beyond.

In selected stores only, packages can be vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness and compact size, for more information visit their website.

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