As the slogan suggests, Junkyard has been serving up street food classics since 2012 and boy do they make some tasty treats. When my colleague and I passed by recently for a working lunch, fresh pressed juices wasn’t something I expected to see on the menu. Yet a green press apple was the first thing I ordered. Scanning the offerings on the starters list I couldn’t resist the mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders. We added a Caesar salad, beetroot burger, a chicken fajitas, and their famous street fries.


Perhaps not the healthiest but we weren’t there for tasteless rabbit food; we were there to indulge and indulge we did. Once served up, the mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders were both crispy and succulent, I assure you a difficult feat to achieve yet fully accomplished by Junkyard and a step further was the flavor. Both were well seasoned and accompanied by light sauces that truly complimented the flavors.

Once our mains hit the table our eyes grew wide, the street fries were a clear favorite with crispy bacon and tasty sauce topping some of the best fries I’ve had in the country )I’ve already ordered them twice since that lunch(. Another of my personal favorites was the beetroot burger; I added a side of avocado to it which took me back to BBQs on the beach in Australia. The Junkyard burgers are rich in flavor and very generous in the fillings… how did I eat more you’re wondering?


Well the spicy aroma steaming from the sizzling fajitas was irresistible and the Caesar salad was perfectly light to end my meal. But just as we were sitting in food- coma glory the manager popped over with two Chubby Balls. Now if you haven't tried this dessert then it comes with a warning because you will become addicted to its gooey cookie-dough like balls, creamy sauce and crunchy bottom.

Just writing about it brings back happy memories. And if you have tried it before then you’ll be excited to hear that as well as their Village, Al-Hamra, and Arrabella branches they’ll be adding a fourth branch in Ardhiya to their portfolio. So when you next have a craving for street food with flavor, make Junkyard your first stop.

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