Imagine Google as a Saudi Arabian man. Is it difficult to picture? Well, you won’t have to try because a video by UTURN Entertainment demonstrates exactly what that would be like.
The video, posted on YouTube in 2014, was inspired by College Humor’s series of videos titled “If Google was a guy” and shows several comical scenarios of people trying to interact with a Saudi Arabian man as if he were the search engine.

The video begins with the man sitting at an office desk, in traditional Saudi Arabian attire, while surrounded by office cabinets and files.

His visitors ask him questions like “When did humans first land on the moon?” and “Where can I find Almusa’ed gas station?” – which he answers by pulling out a large world map and showing him his current location.

The video was directed and edited by Mahdi Al-Reemi, and produced by Abdullah Saeed Al-Khanbashi.

UTURN Entertainment, founded in Saudi Arabia in 2010, is a digital production company that produces original YouTube content.

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