Who Lurks is the latest multi-player game from UAE developer Hybrid Humans. A game of deception, Who Lurks gathers a group of friends on a space ship and secretly apoints one as the alien invader. The rest of the group will then have to use their wits and memory to try and reveal the bad guy.

Players will each take a character – the captain, a soldier, pilot, engineer, doctor or chef – to encounter missions that will be carried out through minigames. In each minigame the crew select a character to carry out that mission, each character will excel at certain tasks and of completed will benefit the whole crew. However, choose the wrong specialist and the task will become harder and if failed the ship will be damaged. If the alien is chosen for the mission, the player must try to be tactical so as not to be discovered. The aliens will also be able to deploy special distractions during the game.

You can now download Who Lurks on iOS and Android

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