Tell us about your look for the Met
I'm super excited about my Met Gala look. It has a futurist element to it by way of metallic chains. We also strategically placed crystal diamonds throughout the dress to give it an extra pop. And the best part about the dress is that the crystal diamonds and chains following the movement of my body.

Describe how you experienced the design process with H&M

It was an amazing experience to create my dress with H&M. The team was awesome. Together we created what I believe will be a special moment. Combining outriders together.

What makes the Met gala so special?

The Met Gala is a fun way to be more funky and bold with your fashion choices and to play with the themes each year. It's also exciting to have a good time with your friends and peers from all over the world.
How do you find this year’s theme (Manus x Machina – Fashion in an Age of Technology). Any thoughts?

This year's theme is very cool. Especially being that we live in a fast paced fashion forward time.

How would you describe your red carpet style? (Not only for Met) 

My red carpet style always depends on the event I’m attending. There is always a hint "TomBoy Chic" no matter the occasion.

What’s your best style advice for the perfect red carpet look?

I am inspired by 90s fashion these days. When fashion was minimal and you could make a bold statement. I believe that less is best, in most cases.

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