The Generous Light Company was established in 2015 by entrepreneur Noora Al-Zain and artist Karima Sharabi in Bahrain. The lifestyle brand aims to create and sell products that connect cultures and empower through knowledge. TGLCo. has the vision to inspire a positive change for a better today and a greater tomorrow. We spoke with the founders to find out more.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

We aim to continuously spread positivity through creations that reflect our core values of oneness, freedom, inspiration, and awareness.

We wanted to have a platform for people to connect and share different aspects of cultures to portray how everything is interconnected as one. We believe in sustainable and ethical business practices and we want to create a platform for like-minded people to encourage them to get their ideas out there. We want to be the people that help them do that. Our motto is to “live free live happy” and we try to stress on one of our core values: freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom to be who we are, and the freedom to break away from restrictions and constraints.

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What kind of products do you offer?

Products that are sentimental. We emphasize on educating our customers on their surroundings as well as shedding light on different aspects of cultures, beliefs, nature and humanity.

The Generous Light Co. Collection consists of jewelry and pouches. The pouches are part of the Wanderlust collection. They have been handcrafted in different parts of the world. We also have bracelets where all the proceeds go towards the SadAlSuud foundation to help the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and finally the Palm Tree & Pearl collection, which was made to educate people on Bahrain being the land of a million palm trees.

TGLCo. also supports and invests in artists and designers whose creations reflect our vision and our core values. Our first brand Chamkana does just that. Chamkana means “to shine” in Hindi and is based on the work of artist Karima Sharabi and her Mystical Arabic tattoo designs. For her first collection she created 12 totems or symbols using Arabic words representing humanities potential for peace and enlightenment. These symbols have been made into gold-plated jewelry, t-shirts, artwork prints, mugs, and embroidered clutches.

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What’s your selection process?

Our selection is mainly based on products and artists that aim to spread peace, love and “light.”

Where are you based?

We are based in the heart of Bahrain, Manama.

What’s the future of your brand?

We want to highlight the beauty and all-encompassing essence of our region’s humanity and relate that to the beauty and spirituality of other cultures and places we visit on our travels in order to build a bridge that will connect us to other cultures through collaborations. Our brand, in essence, is cross-cultural and inclusive, a voice to which people worldwide can relate to and from which they can learn.

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