In the five years since it was launched, Leaves has created quite a name for itself; from the intriguingly named chocolate mushrooms to their customized packaging for special occasions, this Bahraini chocolatier and event planning boutique has caused a stir around the GCC.

Established by Fayka Bastaki, her vision was to create premium, contemporary products, and services yet it would appear Bastaki’s regional success is opening up new opportunities to export the brand to its neighboring countries before franchising globally.

The chocolate mushroom is one of the bestseller at Leaves
The chocolate mushroom is one of the bestseller at Leaves

The company already reached a revenue milestone of BHD 1 million in 2008 and attributes its success to coming from a strong family foundation. However, upon tasting their treats, we felt their popularity was much more likely to stem from their scrumptious chocolates presented beautifully to excite every adult and child.

The mushrooms were a hit and the first of their delicacies to disappear from the platter, we also devoured the pebbles made to look exactly like those smooth creations found on beaches. Another favorite was the hazelnuts covered in different types of chocolate that were so easy to keep popping in your mouth. The assortment of customized chocolates for occasions were also delightful, biting into their soft center to discover pistachio, praline or crunchy nuts kept us returning for more.

We were most excited to see their customized packing for special occasions, this service elevates Leaves above many of its counterparts and gives us a good excuse to get in touch with them for our next big event.

Images courtesy of Leaves Bahrain

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