After having trouble finding herself some escapades on her trip to Oman, Zain Al-Khalifa realized that a person with an adventurous heart needed someone to be in the middle of everything; someone who could show her the Oman that was not written about, something she could not find online. She knew exactly what the missing piece was; she needed a local. And that's when the ambitious entrepreneur founded in 2014.

A platform for the ones with an exploratory heart, Localppl is all about a rich, cultural experience. A project that started from Bahrain and has now extended to Dubai, locals from the cities volunteer to give travelers the most genuine experience. As an online portal that has given locals an opportunity to trade their knowledge, the business has seen its fair share of success.

Localppl promises to give travelers an experience that is nothing like any other traveling trip they have had. This gives an individual an opportunity to become one of the people and learn their culture, pick up the language that dominates the country, taste first class homemade food and tour like someone who belongs to the city. An educational journey to the core, Localppl stimulates social and cultural engagement that a traveler would not want to miss. It’s easy to read about your destination on a million websites but it’s an entirely different experience to be present in a situation and endeavor its fruits in a completely different way; the authentic way.

Nothing completes a trip more than knowing that you discovered more than what has been written about the city. Nothing will give you more pleasure than knowing about the city’s best chai spot, where the best sunset can be seen from, which trail gives the best view when trekking, which restaurant plays the best live music at night, or which spot is best accompanied by the finest stories of someone who grew up there. There will be a thousand ways you can relate to these people and a thousand and one memories you can take back home. Curiosity is not always a bad thing and a unique experience is exactly what a dynamic mind needs to book with this company. No matter which part of the world one belongs from, try to live the local life; the most authentic way of discovering Bahrain and Dubai. Book a local, book an experience.

Words: Anushay T. Khan

Images: Rasha Yousif

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