Hut-(1-of-11)Being a regular customer of Caribbean Hut, a humble restaurant in Abu Halifa, I have had many opportunities to samples a variety of dishes from their menu. But it is only recently that I think I finally put my finger on the secret behind their homemade Caribbean recipes; garlic and vinegar. Diners wishing to indulge themselves in the savory flavors of traditional Puerto Rican and Jamaican dishes should avoid all human contact for 48 hours as the dragon breath may prove deadly.

However, for those indifferent to human isolation, the Hut's Mofongo should be on the top of the list of dishes to try. This is the Puerto Rican version of a Moroccan tagine, cooked with your choice of shrimps, chicken or beef and surrounded with crispy plantains. The dish is served in a deceptively deep traditional wooden bowl that will have you digging though your fork for an hour. For those hesitant about eating what looks like a cooked banana, fear not! You will be pleasantly surprised. The plantains are cooked perfectly and have a texture and flavor that is closer to sweet potatoes that slimy bananas.

Another delicious dish to sample is the Trinidadian curry, an intensely flavored curry that is cooked with chicken and potatoes and served with plain white ice. The curry packs a punch and can be washed down with a cupful of the Hut's famous pinacoladas, a delicious blend of creamy coconut and sweet pineapple.

But you can't say you have truly sampled Caribbean cuisine without trying the Jamaican jerk chicken. This dish consists of a piece of chicken that is roasted with spicy jerk seasonings until it caramelizes and takes on a darker color. The flavors of the jerk seasonings will have you licking your fingers and asking for more. But don't be surprised if seconds don't quite taste the same, the flavors do change from time to time because the food is authentic and homemade. But if you don't mind being kept on your toes, you should give this small Caribbean corner a go.

Caribbean Hut is located in Block 2, Abu Halifa, Kuwait. Tel: +965 55715670

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