The Gulf is full of innovators and visionaries. Khaleejis who are stepping out from the shadows and applying their knowledge, drive, and fresh ideas as a reaction to the popular culture around them. Whether dabbling in the creative field or the world of business, those movers and shakers are building up to take the Gulf by storm.

One of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent abaya fashion designers, Mover and Shaker Hania Al Braikan started her career as a consultant at her family’s abaya business before launching her own brand Hania Luxury Abayas. According to Al Braikan, the abaya is not only a religious symbol but also a cultural one.The abaya industry has advanced far beyond the black conservative attire and has developed further to include many different styles, colors, and cuts. Abaya’s are also available bespoke depending on the woman’s personal requirements.

"I’d make the abaya a trend not only in the Gulf but globally. Imagine all the different colors and styles people could come up with!"

For more information about Hania Al Braikan and her Abaya Brand visit the Hania Luxury Abayas website.

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