image1Dima Majhoub and Dania S Haffar are native Syrians with a passion for jewelry design and a stronger passion for their country. Their line For the Love of Syria began with their signature Signet Silver Map bracelets which have now become a fixture on the wrists of Syrians around the world.

D. Majhoub had been working in the field of jewelry designing for several years, while D. Haffar had been in the field of teaching. The concept of Haffardania: For the Love of Syria began when D. Majhoub gifted D. Haffar the signature bracelet, a photo was posted on Instagram and received surprising amounts of love and support from Syrians and Syria sympathizers. D. Majhoub then asked D. Haffar to join her on the project, which resulted in the creation of Haffardania: For the Love of Syria.

The unique factor in their project is that it comes from their hearts and their love for their beautiful country especially during such a difficult time for Syria and its people. The other factor that makes For the Love of Syria such an amazing concept is not only does it give hope to a complete population but also part of the profit goes to different charities in Syria and Lebanon. Despite living in a war-torn country, these ladies have taken their patriotism and passion to bring hope and love back into the hearts of Syrians worldwide.

To see their amazing and inspirational work, check them out on or whatsapp +963-944214024

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