When Alive Yoga first opened, I was out of Kuwait, but all I heard were people raving about a new yoga spot. When I got back to Kuwait a month later people were still talking about it, so I decided to attend a class and see what the buzz was about.

Trying to avoid post-work rush hour, I attended a morning class and was surprised how the space has transformed from a traditional house, to a calming, spacious center. The wooden detail and floor to ceiling windows give the space a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

The staff are extremely friendly, and took the time to learn my name and remember it, they also gave me a personal tour of the center. It’s customer service like this that really gives a sense of comfort and closeness.

The instructors differ depending on the class and experience, which they cater to every level. Small classes ensured a sense of tranquility and privacy, plus private classes are also available.

What I wasn’t so keen on was the 5:30pm class as it was busy which meant I ran into people from high school and family friends. Personally speaking, I prefer smaller, low-key classes held earlier in the day.

However, Alive Yoga has developed their own mobile app that not only did I use to book every class but also ensured I made each class on time due to the option to add reminders into my phone’s calendar. The app also allows for membership to be renewed as well as many other features.

So whether it’s the great location, reasonably priced membership packages, or you’re inner yogi seeking a fresh atmosphere, Alive Yoga certainly is the best place to escape the hustle and bustle of Kuwait.

Alive Yoga is located in Bnaid Al Gar, Kuwait. Classes run seven days a week. For more information, visit www.aliveyoga.com or call +965 65522299

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