TGV, which stands for The Good Vibe, was launched in late 2013 by Omani owner and founder, Faisal Badar. Raised in Australia, Badar was introduced to various fashion styles in the region, most of which were involved in the urbanwear trend.

Always impressed with underground artists and brands, Badar was passionate about discovering new potential and expanding the boundaries of urban wear. With a Middle East heritage, Badar created and structured TGV in order to introduce the Middle East to the urbanwear artistry and style reminiscent of Badar’s upbringing Down Under. Individual identity and self-expression are key components of TGV, which is why the brand offers unique and limited designs to allow consumers an authentic one-of-a-kind fashion experience.

Since the brand started, their first collection sold out and plans have been made to expand the business to a second location, in addition to their flagship store in Qurum at the Masa Mall in Oman.

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