Early on in life, Fahad Al-Nusf took an interest in creative photography. Eventually, through hard work and hands on practice, his hobby was able to blossom into a very prominent side career. The subject of his recent venture has been the boom of small businesses in the close-knit country of Kuwait.

Although he has created photography pieces for restaurants and jewelry campaigns, even creating short videos, businesses of Kuwait remain his focus, as he enjoys the thrill and potential of every hot new place in town. Presently, Al-Nusf created his own brand, ‘FN’ by Fahad Al-Nusf, in which he shares all of his shots with his clients. ‘FN’ by Fahad Al-Nusf also serves to further progress his passion and it is his intention to one day publish a photography book which is focused on small businesses of Kuwait, highlighting and including young and up-and-coming business people and those of influence across Kuwait.

For more stunning shots, check out his Instagram account www.instagram.com/fahadalnusf



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