Time to get the scroll and feather-pen out and get down to business. There is a lot to share, more juice on one or two employees, and a new nickname that took more time to come up with than any other nickname before. You’re welcome, Xee-Na.

Good afternoon peeps! Wait, let me brush off the dust from my laptop cause it’s been a while! So much has happened since the last entry to this column so lets get to it. The magazine and I thank all of you for your weird and messed up answers to the question of the day posts on our Instagram account (which is @khaleejesque, just saying) and all your answers are either funny, smart, or have no relation whatsoever to the question itself.

When we’re coming up with the question, the first thing we talk about and Captain really stressed on is that we have to come up with a question that satisfies the IQ of some of our readers. In other words, the question we end up choosing is probably number 5 out of the top 5 questions we have. Hey, as long as we get many likes and comments and one or two questions about how to subscribe to this fantastic magazine, it’s a good day.

Xee, ladies and gentlemen. She’s the (something) manager at the magazine and has the most random moments at the office which include singing, telling a childhood story, and doing this adorable Japanese anime dance (you are all invited any day of the week to come and watch) She sure is a character but when it comes down to business, she can get as serious as cancer.

I just got back from the dinner event you probably heard about and saw on Instagram (@khaleejesque) and what a dinner it was! Not only was the music great and my socializing skills were improving but the food was free! FREE FOOD! Free camel burger, free circle meat thingy, free dessert, FREE! Everyone did look amazing especially Xee with her Japanese/Indian cultural fashion mix (if that makes sense to anyone) If Japan and India shared the same national day, then everyone would look exactly like Xee.

I did meet new people and saw old friends at the event. Everyone was pretty except one or two. I’m kidding. All ya’ll looked as pretty as fresh red velvet cupcakes out of the oven. There were film makers, comedians, fashionistas, husbands of famous fashionistas, and then there was me. A writer who writes a weekly(?) column about how being around 4-5 women + Barry can be an adventure. It was fun meeting everyone, shaking hands, getting kissed, using sanitizer, shaking hands again etc.

Sorry for that delay, I went to get my charger. You know what’s goes well with writing this post? Green tea and do you know what’s even better? Finishing the post so let me do that. Being at all these events, restaurants openings, office seminars etc. is great fun but not actually being there sucks. I’d like to know more about the girls + Barry. Seeing what Xee wears is always a plus, Captain keeps changing the way she looks everyday for some reason and there’s this new things where Barry harasses Rolls (art director who I never mentioned for some reason) about her kids and he actually compared them to his dogs at the dinner yesterday which was gutsy but funny, I have to admit. You know what? I’m gonna post this and head on to the magazine right now. Who knows what more stories I can talk about for next weeks post?

Wait, I forgot The Mistress..

Adnan Al-Timimi a.k.a Man Outnumbered is in a dilemma. Having a mistress can be risky but visiting her is an absolute delight. Follow his column to know more about his adventures with The Mistress.

Illustration by Aysha Al-Houli

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