And by beauties, I of course mean cars and by cars, I mean super cars. 2014 was a year, filled with many wonderful and not so wonderful world news. We had the exciting World Cup in Brazil with millions watching worldwide but then we also had Ebola. This list may change all that.

You hardly pass by or read about a dreadful car. Right, the biggest car companies in the world all go through recalls because of airbags (sorry, Toyota) or engine issues that cause the car to catch fire (really, Porsche?) Hopefully all that won't happen with what I think are the top 8 beauties of 2014:

*This list is no particular order


Aston Martin DB10

Bond is back! Although this car won't be available in the market ever, I just had to make space for it on the list. Made for the latest James Bond film to be released in late 2015, Spectre, the DB10 is ideal for the 24th installment of 007 and has what it takes to be almost perfect for a Bond film. No room in the market means no specs but Aston Martin did mention that the design resembles the future so hopefully they surprise us in an auto show with the production date of the DB10.


Porsche Macan

Baby Cayenne is what I called it the first time I saw this German beauty. With the perfect color, this SUV can surely be an eye-catcher on the road. You may be asking yourself why you'd spend around K.D 30,000 for the Turbo version or any version for that matter. You could get the sexier, more classier Range Rover? Still though, there had to be a مكان for the Macan. See what I did there?

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 2.18.53 PM

Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350

This list wouldn't have been complete without the presence of some American muscle. This isn't any ordinary Mustang ladies and gentlemen. This one has a 5.2L engine that roars out 500 hp and still has and always will have the mean, nasty look on the front. With speeds up to almost 300 km/h, this American classic will also be accompanied by a hefty price tag. Moving along..


BMW i8

If you're a fan of the Mission Impossible franchise, then you would've noticed when Tom Cruise drove up in this piece of art from Germany. This electric hyper car does have a 11 gallon fuel tank but the essence comes from it's electrical centre. Yes, it is the first sports car with an electrical engine and could possibly be the most gorgeous looking car of the year but would you be willing to splash out K.D 40,000 on a car that only does 155 mph? Aren't sports cars supposed to go faster? With that price tag, you can purchase this..

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 2.29.41 PM

Lamborghini Huracan

HAHA! You should've seen the look on your face! Of course you can't afford a Lamborghini with that money. These guys are known for charging you more for less and with the Huracan being the successor to the Gallardo (which means they'll be producing these faster than the birth rate in China), you'd think the price tag wouldn't go up to a quarter of a million dollars, would you? This car is certainly the type of car you'd see on a bedroom poster and with 602 hp within your reach, my question to Lamborghini is,"Where do I sign?"


Ferrari California T

T for terrible! We're still in Italy but now with Ferrari. Yes, Ferrari have almost amazed us the most incredible designs and even more incredible price tags (it has to be an Italian thing) This version of the California is almost a rip off. K.D 60,000 for a Ferrari built for daily use? No, thank you. Daily use means air condition, safety, and a softer engine. Why would you pay that much and not go for a Lamborghini? Sorry Ferrari but this still has to be on the list anyway just because it's Ferrari and you get 552 hp at your disposal.


Koenigsegg One:1

Move over Bugatti, mama's got a new child. A child with 1,341 hp that is. Insane numbers, an insane name, more ponies, and (you know what's coming) an insane fee which I'll leave for at the end. Forget o-100 numbers because for a car with more than 1,300 hp, we want to know how fast it goes from 0-250mph which is 20 seconds. 20 seconds! It takes more than 20 seconds for me to put on my seatbelt or tie my shoes! That has to be legal. Oh yes, almost forgot: $2million.


McLaren 650s

We had the McLaren MP4-12C and then we were jaw dropped by the P1 so what could McLaren do to keep our jaws hitting the ground? Mix the two together and voila! The 650S can hit 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and empty your bank account in about 1 (maybe less if you're going with the convertible) It did seem like McLaren were going backwards with this one after shocking car enthusiasts with the P1 but that isn't the case. It's like going up the stairs a couple of steps then going back down because you've forgotten something. Get it?

So what do you think of the list? Fair? Would you add more beauties? Let us know below!

Images courtesy of: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford, McLarenKoenigsegg, BMW, Porsche, Aston Martin

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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