Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, now has more than 1000 trained Flying Nannies helping families on flights across its network. With training delivered in part by Norland College at the Etihad Airways Innovation Training Academy in Abu Dhabi, the "Flying Nanny" has become one of the most recognisable members of Etihad Airways cabin crew aboard our long haul flights.

Etihad Airways, who celebrated the graduation of their 1,000th nanny,  introduced the Flying Nanny position and initiative last year in 2013 as part of their aim to provide a helping hand to families flying. Since then the positive feedback from customers has been overwhelming, and they started instating not one flying nanny on each flight but two on popular flights especially ones to London and the United States.

The Flying Nanny has become a key feature on Etihad Airways’ long haul flights providing support to families and children and creating fun and memorable moments with games and activities.Training from world-renowned Norland College enables the Flying Nannies to identify different types of behaviour and developmental stages that children go through as well as how to appreciate the perspective and needs of travelling families. The Flying Nanny role which is an extension of the current childcare provision offered by all cabin crew, allows those orange apron clad trained staff, to turn ordinary on board service items along with their Flying Nanny Kit and their knowledge of children and create inspired moments in the classroom and on board for guests. Where possible, the Flying Nanny meets her children at the gate before their flight, co-ordinates the children’s meal times with families and provides more fun in flight with the introduction of the Etihad characters; Zoe the Bee, Boo the Panda, Jamool the Camel and Kundai the Lion.

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