Omar Basaad is a DJ, producer, remixer, record producer and record label owner of Loud Recording. A young music prodigy and a prevalent influential Saudi media figure, Basaad is the first Arab to release the world's first arabic dubstep track,with the resurrection of his single "Nehyatina Eh".

The musician was born in 1988 to a Turkish mother and Saudi father and grew up in Turkey, Saudia Arabia and England and he currently resides in Dubai. He involved himself in the production side of music at the young age of 17 and got his first break when he was asked to produce a track for famous Turkish pop star Tarkan, which was followed by his first release with Tarkan in 2008 which was a remix launched alongside international phenomenons like Tiesto and others.

"No one back in the day could have imagined a Saudi choosing, let alone commanding respect in the electronic music spectrum," says Bassad. He added, “That is the difference in today's generation. They can think and have what it takes to realize their dreams. Now, the young generation decides what they want to do. They are the present and the future.”

Recently Omar Basaad has debuted his latest super-hit single '2 Love' on top music stations today with over 5 million views already through its streaming broadcast. The vocals with Alicia Madison add a magical over tune on progressive house beats to create an incredible summer anthem.

Check out the official video for Omar Basaad feat. Alicia on “2 Love” going viral on music channels worldwide. The video pairs the club anthem with a visual documentation of love taking you back to where it all started. From a busy lifestyle to big room sets, life’s a blur for everyone one the road. But there’s still nothing like finding love again.

Omar Basaad is the first official EDM Producer from Saudi Arabia and is hailed as the pioneer of the furture in the Middle East. His electric performances have cast him to be an international festival favorite with records on constant play by world’s top DJs.

The artist will be launching his art initiatives and fashion concepts across the Middle East and USA very soon.

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