With the incredible success of the GoPro capturing extreme and quality shots of various activities through out the world, Kodak decided to join in and contribute with their new Polaroid Cube action cam. Standing at almost 1.5 inches on each side, the action cam supports Micro SD up to 32GB. With a magnet attached on the bottom, the Polaroid Cube can be stuck on any metal surface including helmets, golf clubs or skateboards.

Also for the people who enjoy water activities, the Polaroid Cube is also water resistant up to 2M, making it perfect for wake boarding or just chilling by the pool. With a 124° wide angle lens, every shot is bigger and better. Finally for a variety of different angles, the Polaroid Cube also features a number of unique mounts and stands including a Monkey Stand and a Strap Mount.

With a price tag of $100, the Polaroid Cube is definitely worth pre-ordering which you can at www.photojojo.com

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