Do you need to brush up on your knowledge about Kuwait's history? Then you need to hop on a British Airways flight in August. British Airways have commissioned QCPTV to produce a short TV series entitled Kuwait: Through Our Eyes. The series is set into 5 different parts and showcases Kuwait's history in a chronological order where the past, present and future will be shown throughout the journey. It highlights almost everything that makes Kuwait the nation it is, from pearl diving and mud house building to diwanya gatherings and successful Kuwaiti entrepreneurs.

Over 3,000 flights in August will show this video to its passengers, educating them about Kuwait’s admirable characteristics. The series was sponsored by locals, yet the government helped by providing information and contacts for a production crew. KMIEMD (Kuwait Ministry of Information’s External Media Department) saw the positive impact that this video has on Kuwait’s global image, hence the approval it received. This worldwide appeal might just be the big break that Kuwait deserves, where finally the country can showcase its true self to the world.

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