From the debut of her own collection to traveling around the world for inspiration, Nora Al-Shaikh crafted her own clothing line inspired from modernized architecture and Saudi style.  She approached her initiation to become a fashion designer by getting her business administration degree, and then shortly after enrolling at an Art’s and Skills institute to master certain skills for her future projects.

Now she has created her own collection called Nora by Nora Al-Shaikh with a niche that combines lush coloring and graphical design.  Nora is highly influenced by the Saudi ethnicity, which in result influenced her designs where you can see that they derived in some ways from the Saudi culture. Her designs are also persuaded by modern architecture, where sleek and round are the ultimate look in her clothing line. Her designs come from inspirations she develops from traveling and learning about other cultures and their perspectives. According to Nora, her designs also come from her fascination with the future, and that in her eyes all the clothes she creates portray the different roles of women. Her intense research and exploration with fabrics brought her attention to a certain kind of fabric that made her line stand out.

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