The Pearl of Dubai is only another outrageous and exciting project that Dubai is building to cement itself as the ultimate tourist destination. The five-acre underwater theme park is influenced by the “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Avatar” films and will definitely offer an unforgettable journey.

Just imagine swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving in the mythical lost city of Atlantis, I for one would love to explore and actually swim through an underwater city. Reef Worlds, a Los Angeles-based underwater developer announced the commencement of this project in Dubai just a couple of months ago making it official news. It's reported that the artificial reef will colonize corals such as algae and soft corals that aim to make the journey in the Pearl of Dubai more realistic.

Set to launch in 2020 in Dubai’s The Worlds Islands, it will be the world’s first underwater theme park ever to be built. Dubai has truly outdone itself, from weather controlled city malls to underwater theme parks, we can't wait to see what upcoming project they might surprise us with next!

– Abdullah Al-Saleh

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