If you’re living in an Arab Gulf country then you have, most probably, seen some random, unexplainable behavior from people here. So, we came up with a list of the top 10 unexplainable things Arabs do in their everyday life in hopes that we can better understand the motives behind them. These observations are coming from Kuwait, let us know if you have witnessed anything similar!

1. Having tigers and cheetahs as pets

Yes, wild animals have nothing better to do than cruise all around town in your car.

2. Carrying 3 mobile phones

You’re one busy businessman/businesswoman, eh? Please tell us you're getting hundreds of phone calls a day.

3. Your BBM pin is your bumper sticker

Girls won’t be going “gaga” over you, especially when you have your BB pin on your car. So, you might as well just take it off – for the sake of humanity.

4. Using no criteria whatsoever to justify the banning of certain books

Well, obviously someone isn’t reading. Otherwise, we would have a perfectly reasonable explanation for every book that has been banned.

5. Signaling left, only to have the car behind you speed up on purpose just so you won’t be able to shift lanes

Some guys just don’t like being overtaken on the road. Road accidents are not that important at all, but how fast you’re going definitely is!

6. Going to your high school graduation ceremony before sitting your final exams

And let those who fail hide in shame from the rest of the world. Just like we always say: “Party now and study MUCH MUCH later!”

7. Opening more fast food chains than any other type of stores

We're topping the diabetes and obesity rates worldwide but let us all throw away our health into the bin and replace it with the good old cheeseburger! Ah, the joy of life.

8. Going all the way to the UK to show off your sports car

We really need to annoy residential areas in DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, don’t we? There’s no need to disturb out lovely little citizens here in Kuwait.

9. Yelling while talking on the phone

Maybe the whole town doesn’t want to know about who said what to Sameera. We want to live peacefully without your daily report about Sameera.

10. Saying “Wallah” like there’s no tomorrow

Wallah, Wallah, Wallah, Wallah, Wallah…

– Ayat Abdulla

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