Since launching his brand a decade ago, Ziad Ghanem has successfully cemented his place in the couture world. Based in London, Ghanem masterfully combines modern silhouettes and classic techniques while  keeping his designs fresh and relevant.

Every piece Ghanem creates is truly unique which is what attracts the clients he works with.  Ziad’s shows have  become one of the most sought after tickets during fashion week as they're the perfect combination of theatre, fashion, and drama.

Ghanem's Couture latest fall collection, titled "black gold," is inspired by the work of expressionist photographer Aaron Siskind and petrol-oil in the way it engulfs space, water and living things. The new collection showcases his trademark techniques with printing and lace to create a fresh collection of gowns and dresses. The dresses are made of different shades of black to highlight the different fabrics used while tying in the theme of oil.

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