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Xeina Almusallam

Xeina Almusallam is a Kuwait-based Instagramer and fashion figure whose style will strike you as peculiar (in a good way!) as it flows from underground to indie with a tang of attitude. She is well-known through her Instagram account @kuzmoz and her wonderful snapshots in unusual locations in Kuwait and abroad. She definitely gives out a unique vibe that not any fashion lover gives out.

I caught up with Xeina to find out more about her fashion sense, inspiration and stylistic approach.

Who is Xeina Almusallam?

She is a headstrong kind of person. Very open and accepting to difference in all aspects. Obsessed with obscure fashion and style. Avid Manga reader, fascinated with the surreal idea of wonderland, and lastly, a person highly inspired by the urban life around her.

How would you describe your style?

My style is a cross between androgynous underground grunge fashion and a wave of indie style. I love cross-dressing; it’s a huge part of my style. I like blurring the lines when it comes to items of clothing that I own. To fully sum it up, I always aim for the “strong woman” image.

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Who are your style icons?

Rick Owens, Janelle Monae, PJ Harvey, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Favorite shopping destinations?

East London; Shoreditch to be exact and Downtown Beirut; Gemmayzeh.


What are your favorite local stores?

Nass boutique, Grain, Nu, Bimba & Lola, and Ora.

What inspires you?

People in urban cities; I’m forever in love and inspired by street fashion in Japan (Tokyo), London, Berlin, Singapore, Paris, and Sydney. I’m always intrigued and attracted to genuine and passionate efforts people put into their personal identity and representation. And I love how their choice of clothing speaks about their lives. Something that always inspires me is tattoos (body art if you will); I appreciate the beauty behind the process- I love the outcome and I’m always inspired by the story behind the piece and the emotions attached to the artwork.

Music that puts you in the mood?

I’m a rocker kind of girl, I have many favorites but the list is endless. As long as the guitars are right and the beat touches my soul, I’m officially in the mood.

Your ultimate getaway?

To go on an indefinite discovery trip to India, Japan, and Hong Kong with just a backpack, pocket money and a phone charger.

If you were asked to style someone, how would you go about it?

It depends on the person and what they want. If they approach me with a goal in mind, my job is to cater to that but with small add-ons of my personal taste because at the end of the day, it’s why they asked me for help. I would never look into making the person who asks for my help a replica of me, to each their own. I usually study the person’s body proportions and test the levels of their comfort first. I also ask them to send me photos of what they have in mind and what they like generally, which makes the task easier for the both of us.

What’s your advice to people who want to change their style but don’t know how to?

– A cliché advice, but it helped me in my development: “Aspire to be the truest form of yourself, when you dress up; you do it for your soul.”

-"Fit is EVERYTHING!" The perfectly fitting pair of jeans or khakis or suit pants can alter your whole outfit.

– Less is more.  Never pile up or clash more than two styles together. It's a mess otherwise.

– Minimalism  is key.

To follow Xeina's fashion posts, follow her on Instagram @kuzmoz

– Ayat Abdulla

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