We can't get enough of this years Ramadan commercials! Following up on part 1, here are some more of those quirky ads this year. What do you guys think of them?



This funny commercial shows you the difference between a husband who gets everything to do with his home done from Abyat and another one who gets them from different random, and sometimes shady, places.



The musical ad features Bashar Al Shatti and Balqees Kamal where they compare old and new pop culture topics.


Bayan Dental

This whimsical ad films 5 kids who all brush their teeth except for little naughty one. It features legendary Kuwaiti musician Khaled Al Mulla and Marwa bin Sgheir.



This beautiful ad sheds the light on the heroes we seem to forget about which include  fire fighters, policemen and doctors.



This creative ad shows us how everyone is connected to social media and apps, including hyper Emojis appearing throughout the commercial!


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