We know how hard it is to keep up with Ramadan TV series, so to save you from all the headache, we decided to give you a preview of the shows we think will be a hit this month!

El Khati’a

6:00 pm on OSN Yahala Shabab HD



7:00 pm on MBC Masr


Saheb El Saa’da

8:00 pm on MBC Masr


Kalam Aala Wara’

8:00 pm on Al Nahar TV


El Kebir Awy 4

8:00 pm on CBC Drama



8:00 pm on Sada El Balad


Khali Wesal

8:15 pm on Alrai TV


Bab El Hara

9:00 pm on MBC 1


Doctor Amrad Nisaa

9:00 pm on Al Hayat Musalsalat



9:05 pm on Alrai TV


Saraya Abdeen

9:30 pm on MBC Masr


Al Sayyeda Al Oula

10:00 pm on Abu Dhabi 1


Keid El Hamawat

10:00 pm on Al Nahar Drama


Halawet El Rouh

10:00 pm on Abu Dhabi 1


Al Hikr

10:00 pm on Nile Family


Jarh El Senin

10:30 pm on Alrai TV


Embratoreyet Meen

11:00 pm on MBC Masr


Segn El Nisaa

11:00 pm on Dubai TV


Farq Tawqit

11:00 am  on Al Nahar TV


Dala’ Banaat

11:00 pm on Al Hayat



11:40 pm on Alrai TV


Sadiq El Omr

12:00 am on Al Kahera Wal Nas TV +2


Ibn Halal

1:00 am on MBC Masr

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