phone 2Most of us are prepping for Ramadan and how better to do that than with the world's first Ramadan Phone?

Featuring the latest technology, the recently launched Ramadan Phone provides muslims around the world a wonderful experience during the Holy Month. The Ramadan Phone uses a unique technology that can integrate with any android phone or tablet. It is more of a phone experience than an app since it integrates into your phone and is always on.

This particular phone experience provides its user a Ramadan-themed phone environment in a user friendly way. According to Roell, a successful digital marketing entrepreneur, “Users will get a taste on how fantastic and independent from the operators’ controls they can live out their phone experiences.”

What the Ramadan Phone experience includes is rotating Ramadan wallpapers and lock screens, holy messages throughout the day, prayer times for Iftar and fasting times. In addition to these features, a compass to Mecca is available, important health tips that you can refer to during Ramadan and the full Holy Quran with translations and phonetics.

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