It's summer tiiime folks! The majority of you have either finished school or college and have a much needed break of relaxation. A lot will be traveling in summer, and some will be staying in their home towns doing many interesting things I'm sure. For those who will be enjoying their days in at home and looking forward for some TV time, we've created a top 10 list of TV shows you have to watch this summer!

1. Halt And Catch Fire (June 1)


Set in the 1980s, a visionary, engineer and prodigy creates innovations which change lives of many people. Naturally, Joe McMillan (Lee Pace) and his partner will be challenged by greed and ego. This is probably similar to the Facebook movie but in a TV show sort of way.

2. Chasing Life (June 10)


The show follows a young woman’s life (Italia Ricci), who is diagnosed with cancer. April tries to enjoy life and fight cancer.

3. Dominion (June 19)


William Weel (Luke Allen-Gale) a young rebillious soldier, discover he’s the savior of humanity. Evil angels try to attack humanity, but archangel (Tom Wisdom) sides with the military ruler (Luke Allen-Gale) to prevent it.

4. The Musketeers (June 22)


Set in the 17th century, in Paris, France, 4 highly trained soldiers and bodyguards, known as the musketeers were assigned to protect the king and country.

5. Tyrant (June 24)


Amercanized refugee returns back to his Middle Eastern country and his dictator father. I’m assuming this country is Libya.

6. Mystery Girls  (June 25)


Former co-stars of a mystery TV show team up to solve real crimes. Somehow I feel this show is like “Two Broke Girls” but with a different twist.

7. Reckless (June 29)


A yankee litigator and southern city attorney try to hide a secret affair while clashing over a sex scandal that threatens to burst out a bigger secret. It sounds as reckless as it could be.

8. Outlander (August 9)


Claire Randall is swept back from 1945 to 1743 where she is threatened and forced to marry a Scottish romantic warrior. Claire starts to fall for the Scotsman, but what makes her heart tear apart is that she loves someone else from the world she came from.

9. Finding Carter (July 8)


Teenager Carter Stevens finds out that she was abducted as a child. The TV show chronicles her return back to her biological family.

10. Taxi Brooklyn (June 25)


The show follows a New York City cab driver and an NYPD detective, who becomes a chauffeur, and how they partner up to solve random cases.


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