The world’s first Real Madrid cafe, targeting fans of the popular Spanish football club, has opened at The Beach Mall in Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence. The two-level cafe will offer dining, relevant Real Madrid activities, and a retail store in which you can buy Real Madrid’s merchandise. The cafe is themed around enhancing the true essence of the football world and taking it to a whole new level, specifically focusing on Real Madrid.

The menu will include Spanish-inspired dishes such as gazpacho, omelettes, paella, coffee, pastries, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, pizzas and desserts.


Khaled Al Muhairy, chairman of Ginza Holdings, said: “We are very excited to open the doors to the very first Real Madrid Cafe in the world, and we’re privileged that it will be right here in Dubai, a city that is equally passionate about football and food.”

It’s certainly interesting to see how the football world is collaborating with certain food industries.

Would you want to visit this Cafe? I know I would definitely go for it. Let us know!

(P.S – I wonder how FC Barcelona’s supporters are feeling about this.)

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