Drawing Kuwait is a monthly gathering for all interested artists and architects who gather outside a building to draw and learn from it. Artists attending this gathering will be expected to draw several varieties of buildings and spaces in Kuwait, for example the skyscrapers, urban, new and old spaces, building details and structure. All that is required from the artist is to get a sketchpad and a pen. So far, @Drawingkuw has occurred seven times already since it launch ten months ago, the locations were Alsawaber, Bait Albader, The Scientific Center, Sadu House and Mubarikiya.

Their vision and goals include, according to Drawing Kuwait, "Learning more about the architecture and the urbanism in Kuwait by drawing it and being physically by it, connecting the architecture community, meeting and discussing, in an indirect way, to expand the knowledge of the architects about architecture. critiquing these buildings to not fall for the same mistakes while designing, developing the sketching skills and learning and getting inspired from the guest, when available"

To view more of their work, visit their Instagram account @DrawingKuw

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