The Cannes Film Festival showed five short films in the “Best of Arabic Short Films by twofour54” section of the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival, which took place from 14 to 25 May. The event gave young filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of a worldwide film audience and the chance of getting selected by other festivals and partners.

“We are excited and proud to see talented Arab filmmakers participating in global events that highlight the development of the film industry in the Middle East and Abu Dhabi in particular; Cannes Film Festival is an excellent platform to showcase our productions to the world,” said Maryam Al Mheiri is Chief Operating Officer of twofour54. “This is a testament to twofour54’s success nurturing these up-and-coming talents through training, guidance and the provision of financial support for projects and participation in events like this.”

“13:37”, directed by Eisa Al Sabousi (UAE), is a psychological drama set in the future. “Al Atlal”, directed by Hazem Mahdy (Egypt), is a visual exploration of separation and imprisonment inspired by a song by the famous Egyptian singer Oum Khalthoum. “Sunset State”, directed by Mustafa Abbas (UAE), is about two men, an American Novelist and an Emirati college student, who find solace in each other’s life story. “With Time”, directed by Malak Quota (KSA), depicts the fear some children living in their own homes experience around the world. “This is my night”, directed by Alaa Shakir (Iraq), is based on a true story about relationships in Iraq after the occupation.

Until now, 2,178 short films have registered to be shown at Short Film Corner, representing 98 countries. The films will be shown at 52 viewing booths and three mini-screening rooms with between three and 12 seats. The event already has 3,251 accredited participants. The films can be viewed by festival-goers through the Digital Film Library and viewed by selected professionals at an online private screening after the event. They will also be referenced on the festival’s popular website.

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