The largest picture ever painted of the late Sheikh Zayed was created in the Dubai desert out of sand. Renowned artist and Canadian University of Dubai lecturer Sylvain Tremblay created the 12m x 10m picture in the early hours of the morning and although wind affected the performance – he planned to do the performance from a hot air balloon – it did not affect the stunning results. “I feel very honoured to have been able to do this and I am delighted with the result,” he said. “The wind made it tough and I had to finish a lot quicker than expected, but I had so many supporters and students that  helped me finish it.”

Largest Shk Zayed Sand Painting in Dubai Desert

Largest Shk Zayed Sand Painting in Dubai Desert

The public’s first opportunity to see the artwork will be at Liwa’s Art Hub. The Hub sits at the base of an 80m high sand dune on which the picture will be displayed. Ahmed Al Yafei, owner and founder of Art Hub, said: “We have been delighted to support Sylvain in this project and we are very much looking forward to receiving the artwork.”

Tremblay admits that this could take him one step closer to fulfilling a long-held ambition. “I have always wanted to do something on the helipad at the Burj Al Arab. Hopefully one day that will happen.”



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